A.Ş. – Anonim Sirketi (turkish)

ACRA – analytical credit rating agency

ADR – American depositary receipt

ADR – American depositary receipt

AG – joint stock company (german – Aktiengesellschaft)

API – Application programming interface

AS – automated system

BA – Bachelor of Arts

Bank of Russia – the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

BDSP 18+ – Business development support platform (18+)

BS – Bachelor of Science

CIB – corporate investment block that operates under the brand Sberbank CIB since October 8, 2012

CIR – Cоst-to-Income

CJSC – closed joint stock company

CPI – compulsory pension insurance

CRM – customer relationship management

CSC – corporate solutions center

CSI – customer satisfaction index

D&O – directors and officers

DAU – daily active users in digital channels

DAU/MAU – the ratio of the number of daily active users to monthly active users in digital channels

DCM – debt capital market

DevOps – development and operations

DPC – data processing center

ECM – equity capital market

ESIA – Russian information system that allows users (individual applicants and government officials) authorized access to information contained in government information systems and other information systems.

ESG – environment, social, corporate governance

FATCA/CRS – Foreign account tax compliance act/ Common reporting standard

FCR – First Contact Resolution

G20 – the Group of Twenty

GDP – gross domestic product

GDR – global depositary receipt

GRI – Global Reporting Initiative

HR – human resources

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standard

IMF – International Monetary Fund

IPO – initial public offering

IRB – internal-ratings-based approach

ISD – internal structural divisions

ISO 20022 – International standard for electronic communication between financial institutions

ISO 26000 – International standard “Guidance on social responsibility”

ISO 37001 – International standard "Anti-bribery management system"

ISO/IEC 27001 – International standard “Information security management”

IT – Information technologies

IVR – interactive voice response system

JSC – joint stock company

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LLC – limited liability company

M&A – mergers and acquisitions

M.Sc – Master of Science

MAU – monthly active users in digital channels

MBA – Master of Business Administration

MIF – mutual investment fund

MTN – medium-term note issue program

NCGR – national corporate governance rating

NIM – net interest margin

NPS – net promoter score

NRU HSE – National research university Higher School of Economics

OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OFZs – federal loan bonds

OJSC – open joint stock company

Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy

PJSC – public joint stock company

POS – point of sale

PPC – private pension coverage

PPF – private pension fund

Repo – security purchase transaction with an obligation to sell it back after a certain period at a price fixed in this agreement.

ROA – return on assets

ROE – return on equity

SB – subsidiary bank

SBE – Sberbank Europe

SMEB – Unified Interagency Electronic Interaction System.

UFS – unified front-end system

UN – the United Nations

URCCP – unified retail and corporate client profile

USL – unified semantic layer

VaR – Value at Risk

VHI – voluntary health insurance

xBRL – eXtensible business reporting language