Development of procurement infrastructure and interaction with suppliers

Effective interaction with suppliers is guaranteed by taking the following approaches:

  • centralization of the procurement function at the level of Sberbank of Russia;
  • a procedure for accrediting suppliers for the list of products most in demand, establishing additional requirements on reliability, work experience on the subject of the procurement and the reputation of the company;
  • mandatory audit of the market value and the need for the procurement, to rule out economically inefficient expenditure or the misappropriation of funds;
  • use of several stages for screening and assessing suppliers during the procurement of complex domestic products;
  • use of the procurement form as a priority (auctions, quotations requests), which increase the transparency of procurement activities and reduce the risk of corruption in the actions of bank officials;
  • transition to automation of procurement processes.
Quantitative characteristics of the procurement activity of Sberbank
Indicator 2014 2015 2016 2017
Total number of suppliers engaged by the organization 1,798 39,295 59,653 54,478
Total amount of payments sent to suppliers, RUB million 92,582 183,025 216,407 261,264
Share of local suppliers in the procurement budget, % 95 96 99.5 99
Share of small and medium business in the procurement budget, % 33 39 46 49

Anti-corruption measures

To monitor procurement activity at the Groupseparate divisions – procurement centers operate at Headquarters and the divisions of regional Banks.

In contracts with counterparties, Sberbank includes a special provision “Guarantees on the Prevention of Corruption in Procurement Activity”, which stipulates a fine for violations of established anti-corruption norms.

Instructions have been issued at the Bank’s divisions clarifying the procedure for the interaction of employees with third party counterparties and ethical rules of conduct.

Support of business events

Aware that it has a significant impact on the business environment, Sberbank continues providing traditional support to Russian and international business events aimed at facilitating exchanges of experience, developing international cooperation, attracting investors and increasing the economic appeal of the Russian Federation. In 2017 Sberbank was the partner of about30 business events.

Largest business events held with the support of Sberbank in 2017
Event Goal Coverage Venue
International Arctic Forum Discussion on how to create comfortable conditions for residing and working in the Arctic Region and ensuring the environmental security of the area 2.4 thousand participants from 32 countries. 150 speakers and moderators Arkhangelsk
World Economic Forum Discussion of current topics and events in the global economy Over one thousand chief executive officers of companies. Approximately three thousand participants from more than 70 countries Davos, Switzerland
Russian-British Business Forum Discussion of the development of trade and investment relations between Russia and Great Britain 500 participants London, Great Britain
Russian-Chinese Forum Development of business relations between Russia and China Over one thousand Participants Guangzhou, China
Russian Investment Forum Sochi-2017 Discussion of investment projects, how to develop the global economy and increase the investment and innovation potential Over 4.5 thousand participants Sochi
Eastern Economic Forum 2017 Strengthening of the relations of the international investment community, Russian business, the federal, regional and local authorities, comprehensive expert assessment of the economic potential of the Russian Far East Approximately 3.7 thousand participants from 55 countries Vladivostok
Russian Power Week Discussion of the current global energy agenda, identification of the main development areas of the fuel and energy complex and search for the optimal solutions in response to existing challenges. Over 10 thousand participants Moscow
Startup conference for technology entrepreneurs Startup Village Discussion of technology trends, creating new markets and transforming business models, integrating breakthrough technologies in business practice, promising Russian developments, from the prototype to the finished product Approximately 20 thousand participants from 20 countries. Approximately 150 startup projects were demonstrated Moscow, Skolkovo
SOC-Forum 2017 Practice of Countering Cyber Attacks and Building Information Security Monitoring Centers Exchange of experience and opinions of the leading industry experts, discussion of the practice of building and operating information security monitoring centers Over 1.7 thousand participants Moscow
Exhibition Russian Internet Week Exchange of experience and demonstration of the achievements of the Russian hi-tech and innovations sector Over 22 thousand participants Moscow
Specialist Exhibition Metro Expo 2017 Establishment of a unique communications platform for the support and development of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia Over 250 participating companies. Over 19 thousand visitors Moscow
Annual Russian Entrepreneurship Day 2017 Creation of a platform for the development of B2B communications and establishment of business development proposals Over 1.5 thousand participants Moscow
XIII International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS–2017 Demonstration of Russian high technologies and the openness of the domestic market for cooperation with foreign partners Over one thousand participating companies, approximately 1.5 thousand business meetings, approximately 450 thousand visitors Zhukovsky
Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 Creation of a global platform to discuss key economic issues Over 14 thousand participants from more than 140 countries Saint Petersburg
Project initiative support program of the Public-Private Partnership Development Center Selection and assistance to the most promising and socially important public-private partnership projects Over 2.4 thousand program project participants Constituent entities of eight federal districts of the Russian Federation
II Moscow Financial Forum Platform for discussions on selecting Russia’s financial economic development strategy Over 1.4 thousand participants Moscow
Block of events organized by OPORA RUSSIA Events to establish a favorable business environment and stimulate the development of entrepreneurship Over one thousand forum participants in Moscow Moscow and Russian regions