Sberbank’s approach to managing its impact on society

Our activity touches upon various areas of public life and covers all constituent entities of the Russian Federation and a number of foreign countries. Recognizing this fact, Sberbank endeavors to use the opportunities at its disposal to improve the well-being of the residents in the regions where the Bank has a presence.

Support for local communities, charity and sponsorship, improving the financial literacy of the general public, and minimizing the negative impact on the environment are priorities that lie at the heart of Sberbank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

The impact on society is managed as part of the Bank’s overall system of management and is an integral part of this system. Measures that will have an impact on society are performed through the system of business planning and project management.

Sberbank focuses its attention on the development of volunteer activity among its employees, encouraging them to make a favorable contribution to public life and become more engaged.

A specialized body – the Charity and Sponsorship Committee – and the Bank’s Executive Board are responsible for considering charity and sponsorship projects. New members were appointed to the Charity and Sponsorship Committee in 2017.

To increase its positive impact, Sberbank invests significant amounts annually in the following:

  • charity and volunteer programs to support child welfare facilities and social institutions, including orphanages and hospitals;
  • support for social projects and initiatives, charity organizations and funds;
  • support for socially significance projects in culture and the arts, sports, science and education, and the largest business events (forums, conferences, exhibitions);
  • implementation of initiatives aimed at the efficient use of resources and effective natural resource management, as well as measures to reduce the Bank’s adverse impact on the environment and to finance energy conservation measures.