Role of Sberbank in improving the efficiency of state administration

Sberbank is playing a proactive role in interacting with the state authorities and improving the efficiency of state administration. This enables Sberbank to attain its strategic goals and at the same time to contribute to the development of the financial market as a whole. The main areas of activity of the Bank in this aspect are:

  • the drafting of proposals on how to improve statutory regulation;
  • participation in the work of industry professional associations and support for the economic development initiatives of the state authorities;
  • the delivery of training course for the representatives of the state authorities.

Improving legal regulation

Sberbank seeks to adopt a proactive position when it comes to improving legislative regulation. The Bank prepares relevant proposals and proactively responds to amendments to legislation prepared by the competent state authorities.

Sberbank monitors and analyzes on a weekly basis drafts of regulations subject to procedures regarding public discussion and assessment of the regulatory impact. At its meetings the Working Group for Interaction with the State Authorities discusses the results of the analysis and drafts Sberbank’s position on these drafts based on the impact of the draft regulations on the business of Sberbank and the members of Sberbank Group, and also on the financial market as a whole. Subsequently, Sberbank’s position is relayed to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and other state authorities.

For example, Sberbank’s position was taken into account during the adoption of a number of legislative amendments in the reporting year of major significance for the banking market, including: the issue of a new version of the chapter of the Civil Code on financial transactions, approval of a federal law that introduces the institution of online mortgages and stipulates the mechanism for online communications with Rosreestr and turnover in electronic mortgages, and also the approval of a Government Resolution that stipulates an increase in the scope of the information that banks may obtain independently for customer lending purposes.

Participation in expert communities and support for the initiatives of the state authorities

In 2017 Sberbank was a proactive participant in implementing the Russian government’s program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” which aims to create the terms and conditions for the transition of the country to a digital economy. The Bank operates regularly on all five areas of the program. In one of these areas – “Information security” – Sberbank is the competency center, arranging the collection and consolidation of expert positions and defending business interests before the relevant state authorities. The Bank also performed extensive work in the area Staff and Education, resulting in the action plans that factor in as much as possible the staffing requirements of hi-tech sectors. Within the framework of the Program the action plans also reflect the trends required by Sberbank to implement its development strategy.

Sberbank is a member of the Russia Association of Banks – a professional association lobbying the interests of banks and enhancing the effective interaction of this sector of business with the state authorities, inter alia, by establishing the community’s position on draft regulations being developed. For example, in 2017 the draft law “On the Financial Ombudsman”, which proposes the introduction of new institute for appeals against the actions of financial organizations, was the subject of active debate. Approval of this draft law could have a significant impact on the work of the banking sector as a whole.

Organization of events for the representatives of the state authorities

Sberbank constantly plays an active role in conducting events for representatives of the state authorities for the purpose of teaching them public administration best practices and increasing the level of financial and management competencies.

In 2017 Sberbank delivered more than a dozen practical training events for the employees of municipal and regional administrations on the topic of preparing and supporting investment projects, with due account of the requirements of financial institutions.