Corporate volunteering

Sberbank is considering the participation of its employees in volunteer projects as a way of developing mentoring skills, team skills, strengthening corporate culture and establishing an agreeable working environment. When organizing work in this area, Sberbank adheres to the following principles:

  • Each employee may organize their own volunteering project;
  • The volunteering community is based on the self-organization of employees. Nobody can be forced to volunteer;
  • Any form of voluntary participation of employees to resolve social issues is welcome: from a monetary donation to the organization of their own project;
  • The Bank does not place any constraints on employee initiatives, but at the same time has its own focus areas;
  • The implementation of social projects by volunteers should be effective for the beneficiaries.

During 2017 over one thousand volunteering initiatives were implemented with the participation of more than 2.5 thousand employees. Corporate volunteering focused primarily on helping children in orphanages and supporting Sberbank events.

Areas of corporate volunteering in 2017, %

In 2017 we held the first Social Project Competition, the goal of which was to identify the most interesting volunteer projects and develop the practice of intelligent charity. Seventy applications were considered as part of the competition, with nine winners receiving communications support and a certificate of recognition from Bank management. We plan to hold this competition on an annual basis. The Bank also helps employee volunteers to broaden the scope of their knowledge and skills through training with professional experts in the organization of social welfare programs.