Creation of a business ecosystem

Over the past several years, the needs of our clients have changed: they are no longer interested in banks as such or in the financial services that they offer. For clients, it is important that services and products address specific life objectives, and business is being transformed in accordance with this need. Now, companies and financial institutions seek to satisfy as many different needs as possible in different areas of their clients’ lives. In addition, the boundaries between different industries are gradually blurring due to the shift in focus from products to client needs, which are frequently cross-industry in nature. All of these processes are occurring in an environment where a “digital generation” of people who are used to using modern technology in their everyday lives is growing up.

For this reason we are transforming Sberbank’s business, moving away from the model of the classical provider of financial services, towards the model of a global ecosystem. The goal of the Sberbank ecosystem is to choose and implement the best client services to satisfy the everyday needs of a broad range of clients. To do so, we bring together on a single platform the Bank’s partners, both financial and non-financial services. All of this makes it possible to offer the client integrated products and solutions, raise the level of satisfaction with the service and keep it high at all stages of the chain of value creation.

The Sberbank ecosystem has been taking shape since 2016, gradually adding more new non-financial services and entering new markets. The system is made up in part by our subsidiaries, and in part by independent companies that have concluded partnership agreements. In 2017 we entered into a number of important partnerships as part of the development of the Sberbank ecosystem.

Lines of the Sberbank ecosystem

One of our objectives is to give a fast start and help along the development of the component parts of the Sberbank ecosystem. One of the significant advantages of joining the Sberbank ecosystem is access to the accumulated client database, and also to the technical capabilities of our platform. All this makes it possible to personalize the services offered, and also to greatly simplify and accelerate the process of ordering and paying for services.

The technical capabilities that the Sberbank ecosystem provides its participants include the client identification system, rapid data exchange, a uniform software interface, and other services.


In 2017 we acquired a controlling interest in and now, together with this and other leading companies in the sector, we are creating a health ecosystem. Thanks to this project clients receive access to the best healthcare solutions on preferential terms. is the No. 1 marketplace for healthcare services in Russia. The company brings together more than 2.6 thousand partner clinics and more than 38 thousand qualified doctors of various specializations. In 2017 more than 660 thousand clients received 1.2 million consultations. At the end of 2017 the service covered 15 cities in Russia. had a 70% market share in Moscow and 40% in Saint Petersburg.

E-commerce ecosystem

Another significant event of the reporting year was the signing of a binding agreement between Sberbank and Yandex on the creation of a joint venture based on Yandex.Market. Yandex.Market is a marketplace that brings together 25 thousand private Internet shops, selling goods in various categories, from household appliances and electronics to clothes and groceries. In 2017, Yandex.Market sold goods worth a total of RUB 150 billion. 3 million clients all over Russia use the platform each day.

By uniting their infrastructure and technologies, Yandex.Market and Sberbank will develop an e-commerce ecosystem including the purchase and sale of goods, and also related services. With a five year horizon, the joint venture has as its target sales of RUB 500 billion. The participation of Sberbank in this project is important both for the development of the digital ecosystem of Sberbank itself, and for the country’s economy as a whole. This partnership opens up new opportunities for players on the e-commerce market, small and medium business, and also creates the conditions for the growth of exports of Russian goods, as well as new opportunities for foreign market participants.

Biometric platform

In November 2017 we completed the first important step towards the construction of a biometric platform for the Bank’s ecosystem. A transaction was signed on acquiring a shareholding in the company VisionLabs, one of the leading face recognition companies in the world. The company is one of the top three in accuracy of identification (99.17%). Collaboration with VisionLabs will make it possible to create a unique biometric identifier to allow Sberbank clients to access any service and ensure the highest possible level of information security for the ecosystem. Along with the face, this identifier will also use recognition of the user’s voice, retina pattern, and other biometric factors.

Payment services

Yandex.Money – is a technological platform that provides services related to management of electronic wallets and mobile payments, supplemented by additional functions such as the ability to easily raise funds for general purposes. In addition, Yandex.Money offers solutions for corporate clients, which can use this service to automate payment discipline at their enterprises. This function makes the operations of online shops and other enterprises much simpler.

By the end of 2017, the company provided protected access to 1.5 million active electronic wallets, servicing transactions with a total of RUB 180 billion. By 2020, the company plans to increase the number of wallets to 6.7 million, and the total value of transactions to RUB 370 billion.

The mobile app Plazius makes it possible to safely pay a bill in any café or restaurant using a mobile phone, without waiting for the bill from the waiter. In addition, users can build up points and use them to pay in the same establishment on their next visit.

Mobile operator

Let’s Talk from Sberbank is a virtual mobile operator, which offers a flexible approach to setting rates and online control over spending on mobile communications and Internet, with a broad coverage network in Russia. Another area of development for the operator is the creation of a convenient messenger service and entry into the market of the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M). The mobile operator has set itself a target of expanding its client base to 3 million users by 2020.

Sberbank’s ecosystem for business

An important factor in improving the Sberbank ecosystem is the development of integrated services for small and medium business. In this area, we have integrated into our ecosystem companies Segmento and Evotor, which offer innovative solutions for B2B clients.

Segmento is a technological platform that targets advertising on the basis of off-line and online data. The company offers a complex toolkit to manage advertising campaigns. Although the company is still young, its solutions were used in implementing interesting case studies for international brands such as Hyundai, Samsung, and Citroen. The platform has also been recognized several times with international awards.

Evotor is developing software and technological solutions that set up a powerful sales management ecosystem for small and medium business. This ecosystem allows companies to efficiently collect and analyze sales data and automate routine sales processes, all while complying with applicable legislation.

In addition, Evotor is one of the leaders on the Russian market for sales and support of online checkouts. By 2017 the company had integrated into the ecosystem 450 thousand online cash terminals. Sales in 2017 accounted for another 140 thousand terminals. By 2020 the company plans to reach 1 million online terminals sold (20% of the market) and to begin to offer companies software solutions based on big data analysis that allow entrepreneurs to better understand their business and manage it more effectively.


In 2017 the company BI.Zone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sberbank Group, entered the cybersecurity market, fulfilling its first commercial contracts with clients in Russia, the CIS, and other countries.

The company is developing its own products and pursuing its first pilot projects with clients in the products Fraud Monitoring as a Service Product for financial institutions to analyze financial transactions to identify fraudulent operations and Threat Intelligence PlatformPlatform for companies in any industry to collect and process technical information, which allows clients to protect themselves against cyberattack and investigate incidents. BI.Zone has launched a laboratory to test information protection solutions, making it possible to conduct load testing and functional testing.

In conjunction with Sberbank Insurance, we launched a cybersecurity risk insurance service for small business. Insurance services for other market segments are also planned. Among the company’s plans are the entry onto the market of the new products TI.Sensors Specialized agents at work places, mobile devices and network devices that identify illegitimate activity and implement protective algorithms for client devices and the CyberSpace user portal for cybersecurity.

With the Rossiya Bank Association, we are launching a platform to exchange cybersecurity data for the Russian financial sector, and with the Global Center for Cybersecurity within the World Economic Forum – for companies in Europe and Asia. The launch of a cybersecurity consulting business will allow us to use BI.Zone’s expertise to improve the level of protection of clients both within the Sberbank Group and that of commercial clients.

Cooperation agreements have been signed with Interpol and SWIFT, and we plan to sign agreements with other government and commercial organizations involved in fighting cybercrime. The first international CTF Capture the flag – team competitions in information security. competitions have been held involving international teams of the first rank, and we plan to take part in organizing the largest competition at the Defcon conference in Las Vegas, USA.

Marketplace for cloud technology

Sberbank has plans to create a joint venture with the IT company I-Teco, one of the top ten enterprises in its industry. The joint venture is intended to become the core of the digital economy ecosystem. The services of the cloud infrastructure will be available to Sberbank and its clients, helping them to improve the efficiency of their business, transform their business models, and create new points of growth.

The coming together of all the aforementioned services and promising companies on Sberbank’s unified technological platform can create a high level of customer experience by allowing each of them to ergonomically complement one another.