HR automation and digitalization

The development of modern technologies and increase in the amount of information to be processed had a ripple effect on trends in the area of human resources. We are actively transforming HR processes at Sberbank, including through the automation and digitalization of HR services. The automation of HR processes at the Bank is intended to reduce the time needed to take personnel decisions, while the digitalization of HR services is expected to improve their accessibility and the ease of use for employees.

Automation of HR processes

To optimize the Group’s HR processes, we decided to combine key data and analytics in human resources management into a single cloud-based IT system. The key element of this system will be the SAP Success Factors platform, which united the following processes for the Group as a whole: recruitment, adaptation, career advancement, training, HR analytics.

The implementation of the SAP Success Factors system was the key automation project in 2017. During the preparation for the launch of SAP Success Factors, we conducted communications campaigns to engage and train employees in the use of the new services, including: simulators, webinars, seminars, training videos, and handouts with recommendations.

Implementation of SAP Success Factors

We began the pilot project to implement the SAP Success Factors system in the Corporate Headquarters and the Volga branch on September 25, 2017. Under the project, the approach to development based on job families, which combine Sberbank positions based on the similarity of the functions they perform and the required competencies, was formed. In all, we prepared a description of 60 job families and formed “career branches” for development of employees with the most narrow, rare and valuable expertise. On the completion of the pilot project, 12 thousand employees underwent a performance assessment in the SAP Success Factors system using the 360 method, and 6.7 thousand employees drafted individual development plans and mapped out their training for 2018.

Digitalization of HR services

We developed special programs and applications for all existing HR services that can be used by our employees. For example, various digital tools for computers and mobile devices.

In our Strategy for 2020 we plan to develop an analytical platform for human resources management using cloud-based IT solutions and digital tools. To do so, we plan to improve certain processes and perform the following tasks:

“Crystal Pyramid”

In 2017 Sberbank was awarded the “Crystal Pyramid” for its IT solution. This award is given for achievements in human resources management and to give incentives to companies implementing best practices and technology in the area of human resources management. The following Sberbank projects were recognized:

  • the integrated training programs for client managers of Sberbank Premier and Sberbank First — Grand Prix in the nomination “HR Digital Solution of the Year”;
  • the internet platform “Virtual School Retail” – second place in the nomination “Digital Transformation of the Year”.