Our employees make an invaluable contribution to the successful evolution of Sberbank. We are improving our human capital management processes in an attempt to remain an attractive and competitive employer. We pay special attention to the development of our corporate culture and foster a working atmosphere that facilitates the teamwork and personal growth of our employees.

In the Strategy for 2020 we set forth the key areas of the HR system: crafting an understandable employee journey, developing strong leaders, improving the organizational and cultural environment, automation and digitalization of HR processes.

Various trends influence the specifics of team building at Sberbank and our approach to human resource management, including:

Trends influencing our approach to human resource management

the volatility and uncertainty of the business environment, requiring quick adaptation skills
the shortage of young candidates with the required skills and expertise
the increase by 2025 of the share of generation Z, with its short attention span and readiness to change jobs frequently, in the work force
the democratization of information and its accessibility online
information overload
the limited possibility to hire international specialists
the growth in flexible work formats (agile teams, turquoise organizations)