Technological transformation of Sberbank

Transition from a traditional economy to the digital economy is a worldwide trend, including the digital transformation of the financial sector, the systemic and incremental implementation of new financial technologies. Flexibility, innovation, and speed of technological changes implementation are today some of the key factors of competitiveness for companies in the financial sector. This is why as part of our strategy we continue the large-scale technological transformation of Sberbank in five main areas:

5 main areas
of technological transformation of Sberbank

Building powerful, reliable and flexible technological platform that will be able to process large amounts of data in a short period of time and migration of all our products and services to it is a key project in the technological transformation of Sberbank.

Priority areas of technological transformation in 2017

In 2017 year we continued to implement innovative solutions to ensure more efficient operation of the Bank. We carried out significant modernization and centralization of technological infrastructure and IT landscape, more than 70% of non-target regional systems were decommissioned.

As part of the global transformation of the IT, 10 centers of excellence have been created, which provide assistance and support for centralized services across the country. This allowed us to reduce the number of points of presence of the IT support services by a factor of 6.5, while increasing productivity by 30% and improving the satisfaction of internal clients with IT services by 40%.

The Bank successfully implemented the transformation of operating activities, which increased efficiency and reduceв the number of personnel in this area by 20%. Improvements were achieved thanks to the implementation of technological lean-initiatives and the elimination of manual operations. The Bank also centralized the support of internal operations and financial statistical reporting (the Everest Programme).

During the 2017 year the construction of the largest Data Processing Center (DPC) in Skolkovo were conducted. This DPC will cover internal needs for IT equipment deployment for at least five years and will open up opportunities for the implementation of the Bank’s ecosystem and cloud computing.

In 2017 year The Bank set up the infrastructure for cloud-based data storage and processing, created a Data Science community and Technology and Data Academy.

This transformation relies not only on building a business development platform, a unified front-end system and key software, but also on digital and quantum technologies, robotics and neurotechnologies applicable in all sectors. Along with the implementation of the technological strategy, the task of culture transformation, introduction of Agile and DevOps as essential components of a successful organization in the new technological paradigm of the company of the future, is becoming more important and complex. Taken together, all of this creates large-scale intersectoral effects and is the basis for the creation of the Sberbank ecosystem.