Mission and values

Mission statement: “We instill confidence, provide reliability and make people’s lives better by helping them fulfill their aspirations and dreams”.

Corporate culture and motivated employees are the Bank’s competitive advantage

Sberbank’s values
I am
a leader
We are
a team
for the client
Employee competency

Leadership: critical thinking and problem solving, self-management, innovation and digital skills

Teamwork: management of results and responsibility, development of cooperation within the team

Client-centricity: understanding customer needs, proactive approach to relationships, high quality of services

Requirement on managers

Living up to values: complies or leaves

Expectations: explain roles in the team, set goals and priorities, create an atmosphere of psychological safety, promote diversity

Mentoring: develop themselves and the team through continuous feedback


Communication: transparency of decisions, broad access to information, development of teamwork

Emotional intelligence: life-long education, training sessions for employees

Social mission: transfer of experience, education, an inclusive environment

HR decision-making: equal importance of culture and results