People with new skills in effective teams

In order to successfully expand client offerings, and also to implement next-generation technological solutions, we need to create a motivated team of employees, foster new skills and competencies in them and organize their work taking into account the specifics of the Bank’s current corporate culture.

What we plan to achieve

New skills
  • Promotion of a new model of skills that our employees must have: problem-solving and systems thinking, result management and responsibility, openness to innovation, client-centricity, focus on team development and collaboration, self-management
  • Training in new, sought-after skills approaches to DevOps continuous development and modern engineering practices through the Technology and Data Academy within our Corporate University
Teams instead of hierarchy
  • Increase in demands on managers and employees to develop their skills of teamwork, collaboration, conflict resolution, and giving feedback
  • Continuing to implement new forms of teamwork ( “turquoise organization”, startup culture)
Corporate culture
  • Development of the team of managers by improving their leadership skills and competencies
  • Motivation of employees for self-development and self-improvement
  • Promoting a culture among employees that supports the continuous development and launch of new products and services.
Transformation of the HR function
  • Transformation of HR processes: migration to the SAP Success Factors cloud platform, with an increasing role for managers in HR management and automation of the main HR management tools
  • New role of HR as a partner, focusing on long-term planning to provide human resources with the necessary skills and to improve the operating efficiency of teams
  • Implementation of pilot projects with the government authorities on a paperless HR workflow
  • Restraining the growth in personnel expenses and the turnover of key personnel to an acceptable level, and ensuring employee engagement

Expected results by 2020

75 %
employee engagement index
90 %
of HR services automated and digitized
< 10 %
acceptable level of turnover of key personnel
Strategy implementation risks Risk mitigation measures
People with new skills in effective teams
Shortage of experts in managing large-scale transformation projects, IT specialists, and data analysts on the labor market
  • Creation of attractive working conditions
  • Cooperation with leading Russian and foreign universities, and nurturing needed skills in-house
Failure to achieve the required level of productivity during our transition to Agile
  • Implementation of special tools to monitor the work of all teams
  • Regular review of KPIs and performance at the Executive Board level